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About us

Our company has the best specialists in mathematics, statistics and programming.

The company has all its trading strategies formalized with, and a clear mathematical justification.

The collection, measurement, monitoring and analysis of data makes it possible to effectively forecast trends.

Automation of most processes allows improving results, as well as significantly reducing trading and non-trading risks.



The company uses short-term trading strategies with cycles in one calendar week. Bearing in mind the average degree of risk, the availability of a multiplier in the reinvestment of profits, as well as the high volatility of the traded instruments, the projected annual return of the investor significantly exceeds all popular indices.

Risk management

The risk management of the company is presented in the form of two modules:

It monitors the connection to trading servers, averts possible interference by third parties, controls the execution of trading orders.

All "anomalous" events are tracked; the major internal and external threats are predicted and prevented.


The company's trading servers are located in the Equinix data center, neighboring (On-Net) with brokers' servers, stock exchanges and other liquidity providers. The quick connection to any broker is provided through the use of FIX API. At the same time, automated solutions based on in-house developments are used to open and control positions.

Customized solutions

For investors with a $ 1 million capital, we are ready to offer customized solutions: the client can independently choose a brokerage firm that meets all of his requirements, determine the optimal level of risk, and also form his own portfolio of ready-made strategies.


One of the company's tasks is to ensure a high level of investment security. The company does not accept money from the client, but only performs trading operations on the client's account without access to the fund's deposit- withdrawal transactions.

The activities of AlgoX are subject to regulation and are carried out strictly in accordance with international law.


The legal address: Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman KY1-1107

Tel: +7 495 201 6286

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